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    "David"       by Adrienne Nater

"I found out later that I was referred to, by many of my families, as the nice lady, well intentioned, but a clueless, insufferable do-gooder who thought that she could change everything with words, I had to adjust, realize that I had no experience at living their lives; being in the trenches; not one who had ever manned the oars. David changed all that."

 Ch#1    Bony little Behind
 Ch#2    The Before
 Ch#3    Close Encounter
 Ch#4    Same Ol', Same Ol'
 Ch#5    Shifting Gears
 Ch#6    Into Overdrive
 Ch#7    Slaying the Saber-Tooth Tiger
 Ch#8    Battleground
 Ch#9    The Soundless Barrier
 Ch#10   Catch-up Time
 Ch#11   The Gift
 Ch#12   I am David

 Original Works:

by Adrienne Nater

 My Intro to Writing      

by Adrienne Nater

"After several years, my teacher suggested that I try my hand at writing. I was attending as a reader not a creative writer. I humored him, wrote a fifteen page piece of my life’s adventures as depicted in my bookcase. Focusing on one particular book named Gigi, the story of a merry-go-round horse. His astute comment, “Too many words.” He insisted, develop it into a poem.  Covers of Comfort was the result, it was published. I was hooked.
The collection of stories that are included is the result of continuous albeit sporadic efforts..."

  More Original Writings:
A little Story
A Bear in her Tree
Emergency Room
Moving Mother
Ginger Returns
Little Bony Behind
The Disappearing Act
Old Enough to Baby-sit
The Telephone Call
Jeff and the Science Books
I Want to Buy a Bus
The Lav and Us
Steaks Galore
Makings of a Monster
My Sister Joanie
A Bird’s Eye View

Signs of my White Times
Geeze Ladies    NEW! 
To The Rescue   NEW! 
Her Way to the Highway    NEW! 

My Stories... an introduction

Living Kindness, Truth, Covers of Comfort, One Day.

Dostoevsky Spoof/Explaining its Genesis

 Death, Dying, Grief and Mourning:

Death, Dying, Grief and Mourning
 a Collection & Chronology of Death

                               in Western Literature

"During the five thousand years of known literary expression, save for several hundred years of silence, authors have achieved all manner of technique in the connecting of death and death’s sphere of significance...."

"We all desire to find meaning, the sense of dying and death. Fighting, fearing death is of no value in the scheme of living. Literary consideration of death is a challenging concept that each writer approaches according to his own set of cultural beliefs, experiences, observations, and imagination..."


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