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Ten years ago I joined a reading discussion /creative writing group. It was quite by happenstance that I entered the realm of creative writing. I thought I was there as a reader, not. I was reintroduced to the literature of the great masters both in prose and poetry. My previous education was for naught. My youth and pitiable public school education hampered my understanding of the skills, intents, the depths, the significance of the authors as they were guiding the readers through their great story telling.

After several years, my teacher suggested that I try my hand at writing. I was a reader not a creative writer. I humored him, wrote a fifteen page piece on the subject of my life’s adventures as depicted in my bookcase. Focusing on one particular book named Gigi, the story of a merry-go-round horse. His astute comment, “Too many words.” He insisted that I develop it into a poem. The first attempt was two pages long. Then it was one page, with many editing’s, one-hundred and twenty words. Covers of Comfort was the result, it was published. I was hooked.

The collection of stories that are included is the result of my efforts: many unedited. I am in the editing stage, the tough job: Finding continuity, my voice; telling stories. I am seventy-seven going on thirty.
As this Web site is developed I will edit, add, delete, according to my personal whims professional input. What are public sites for? Learning. Sharing. I am still an avid reader, now re-reader, learning what authors past and present are communicating: knowledge, insight, style. I am not a writer but joy to the world I am writing. It feels good to tell my stories, share them with others. We all have stories to tell. Tell me yours.


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