Original writings by Adrienne Nater

Living Kindness

Life be it as it is,

Full of love, recognition, kindness

And kindness transcends all.

All who reach out reach in to give

This one most meaningful gift.

Life is before death,

A welcoming end

A continuation

Lasting forever.

Adrienne Nater



Because they bring truth

Could see the world

As it really is,

In our sight.

Truth is not that which we see

Like a watch telling time

It is something which we see by.


Adrienne Nater



Little girl, a joy to behold, bright
Blue eyes, beneath the tented bed covers
The flashlight flickers in the dark room
Book open, pictures glitter, words live.
The handsome horse, dapple-gray, red hooves
Lives in this book; he whispers,

“Little girl, all alone, join a friend
Ride the carousel
Into the world of lights and shadows
Circular travels, the tethered body
The unfettered soul.”

Beautiful horse, noble creature, wondrous friend
Speaking the coded language.
Black on white, squiggles and lines
Familiar sounds, loving messages.
Safely hidden from outside worlds.

Blond, graceful hands, dancer’s legs
Moving noiselessly toward the closed door: Mother
Hush, little girl, fear naught
Become immersed; be reassured

Life is a circular thing.

Adrienne Nater


One Day

One day we will be I

One without the other.

You will be I.

Or I will be I.

No longer we.

Yet, always we.

But not.

Adrienne Nater




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