Original writings by Adrienne Nater


Yes, she remembered the ecstasy of trust. She also remembered the anguish of distrust. She had written a story about her mother. She loves her as a child loves the only mother she has. It wasnít easy for her to be the tom boy daughter of a glamorous woman.


"Mac, I had always wanted an I Remember Mama type like Irene Dunn portrayed in the film. There was a neighbor and friend of Motherís who was more to my liking, I enjoyed every moment I spent at her house."

She had always found 140 So. Martel a difficult place. She had left it when she was seventeen, just after Mother announced that she was pregnant.


"I told her that my room would be vacant to make way for the additional member of her family. Good bye."


So many years ago. It was when Mother had to leave the house.




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