Original writings by Adrienne Nater

Twenty-first Century Telecommunication

A call placed to an international company, a toll free number.

"Thank you for calling. Your call may be monitored and/or recorded for quality assurance. If you do not wish to be recorded inform the operator before you begin your call. All of our operators are currently busy with other customers; your call will be answered in the order received. Your wait time is nine minutes. Please hold."

Music plays.

"Please stay on hold, you call will be answered in the order received."


"Our company offers many alternatives for your listening pleasure. Be sure to ask your operator for these new offerings"


"We now have a new listing for your satellite radio. Your connecting operator can acquaint you with these listing."


"Thank you for calling. Listen carefully to our menu items; they have changed so that we can better direct your call to the correct department and provide expedient service. Please say your five number zip code, the zip code is the number that follows your address after the city and state.

"Iím sorry I didnít hear that. Please speak clearly. If you wish and you have a touch tone pad enter your zip code by pressing the matching numbers as they appear in your address.

"You entered 93066. Say yes if this is correct or say no if it is not.

"Iím sorry we are unable to verify that number, please re-enter the five numbers of your zip code.

"Iím sorry I didnít understand that entry, you said representative?

"For assistance with placing a new order say Ďnew orderí or press one. For an already existing order say Ďexisting orderí or press two, if you are having problems with your radio press three or say Ďtechnical supportí, if you wish to Ö

"You have not made a selection, press one to repeat the options."

An explosion of music, then no music, no operator, the disconnect click, the dial tone.


"Thank you for calling, please enter your zip code, if you are a new customer say or press one, if you are a returning customer and wish to access your account, press or say two, if youÖ

"Thank you for calling, this is Susan, how can I help you?

"What is your name please and your telephone number? Area Code first.

"Please spell your name and the telephone number area code first for account verification.

"I do not find you in our account list. Repeat the telephone number. I have 808-529-0593

"I am sorry for the error. I have copied 805-529-0539. Is this correct?

"Thank you, Iím sorry, please repeat. I do not find that a valid number. What is your ID number? No ID number?

"Iíll have to transfer you to another operator.

"Thank you for calling, my name is Hope, how may I help you?

"Iím sorry; I have no way of knowing of your previous conversation.

"What is your name and telephone number?

"How may I assist you?

"Please repeat your name and telephone number?

"Sorry this is taking so long, your patience is appreciated. Yes, I find that you have an account and have four radios on your account.

"I sorry, your account indicates four radios."

"Iím sorry; your account indicates four radios not one as you have claimed.

"Please hold while I check this further.

"Thank you for your patience. You have four radios listed. I will have to transfer you to another operator for further assistance.

To the WEB site: On the screen came "Log on with users ID name and password." Up flashes," either your user name or password is incorrect. Reenter the correct identification. Remember that the user name is case sensitive. Forgot your password, click here. Enter your user E-mail address and we will send you your password. The screen shows "you will be re-setting your password. E-mail will be sent immediately.

"Hello, my name is Clarissa, what is your name.

"May I call you Adrienne? No? Alright then, Ms. Nater.

"Please explain the problem Ö I can transfer you to an agent who can assist you. What is your user ID? No user ID?

"What is your telephone number area code first?

"I have the name of Beverly Waltey listed for this number, are you she? No. Oh! I see that you are both listed on the account.

"I see that you have four radios. No?

"I see that you have a Rav 4, 2009. Is this correct?

"Let me check on this account, please hold. There may be a long periods of silence during your wait. Please stay on the line.

"I will have to give you another number to call; do you, mumble, mumble, mumble, have garbled, garbled, to an unintelligible, something, something, something?

"Iíll repeat. At times our lines from the Caribbean are poor. Thank you for being patient. Are you prepared to take down this number? Do you have pen and paper to copy down this number?

" You will have to reach the Shopping line at this number to resolve this suspicious looking information. You will have to call this number tomorrow. The Shopping line is closed for the evening. Thank you for calling. Iím sorry for this inconvenience, thank you for calling and for being such a loyal customer." Click.

"Good Morning, my name is Frances Earl. How may I help you?

Yes, I see that you account indicates that you have four radios in your Rav 2009 Rav. You say that you have only one? That makes sense. I will credit your account for the additional charges. That will be an $85.30 credit on your Visa. Is there anything else? I see, yes, about the return of an unauthorized order; when it arrives, open the package. There is a label for the return. Place on this return label the following RA number 42667, take it to your UPS office. We will credit your account accordingly when it arrives. Anything else? No? I am pleased to have been able to assist you.

"Yes, you asked where I am located. I am in Norfolk, Virginia. Is there anything else? I am pleased to have been of assistance. Thank you for being our customer."





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